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Solicitors firms of all shapes and sizes, right across the UK, enjoy supporting Will Aid every year. But don’t take our word for it – read our Case Studies and find out what the solicitors have to say.

The scheme has generated such a positive response amongst clients old and new. Many clients commented they had put off making or updating their Will but the thought of helping the Will Aid charities had given them an incentive to come and see us. We are very proud of what the firm has achieved for charitable causes so far and hope to continue to raise more money in future campaigns.
Michael Dickman
"Solicitors who don’t use the opportunity of taking part are missing a trick. We have attracted hundreds of new clients over the years and when they need a solicitor they now think of us first! It’s hard work - I have seen Will Aid clients at 7am – but definitely worthwhile when we see how much we have raised for the charities"
Raveet Phull
Martin Shepherd Solicitors have taken part in Will Aid since it was launched. We are delighted to be one of the top fundraising firms in the country
Nick Hall
Will Aid clients were really relaxed, knew it was for a good cause and were really patient. They appreciated we were doing something for charity and came back with other work. And at the end, when the question was "who do I make the cheque payable to?" and you were saying "to Will Aid" they were impressed. They were surprised and I think they were all pleased.
James Allie
Spence & Horne Solicitors were eager to take part in Will Aid month because we are a part of the community in Hackney.
Carolyn Tilly
“ Will Aid is the catalyst that brings new clients to us to make their Will"