Will Aid


01. What is Will Aid?

Will Aid is an annual Will making campaign run collaboratively by nine leading charities, ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, Sightsavers, SCIAF and Trocaire.  Will Aid would not be possible without the nationwide support of the legal profession, who generously give their services for free.

02. How can I check which solicitors are taking part in the circulation area of my publication?

The website enables users to locate participating solicitors in any area. Just click here to access the solicitor listing which can identify Will Aid solicitors within a radius of any postcode. If your publication has a large circulation area, please contact the Will Aid office for a complete listing for your region.

03. How do the general public hear about Will Aid?

The Will Aid charities promote the campaign to their supporters through mailings, magazines, shops, churches and groups.

Very importantly, we also rely on the local, regional and national media to bring the campaign to the attention of the wider public.

04. How do people get in contact with a local Solicitor?

Potential Will makers can ring the Will Aid Hotline (0300 0300 013), contact the Will Aid office (01460 271178), or use the Find a Solicitor facility on the website to find a local participating solicitor. Enquirers will be given the details of their local participating Will Aid solicitors, and asked to contact them directly to make a Will Aid appointment.

05. How can I interview a local Solicitor?

Please contact the press office for details of solicitors who have already agreed to speak to the media.

06. How can I interview a Will maker?

This may be difficult because of confidentiality issues, although we will do our best to help. On the website, we have posted Will makers’ comments which you are free to use.  We also have background information on these Will makers if you need it. 

07. Where can I get photographs?

We have photographs illustrating the work of the Will Aid charities and our celebrity supporters. You can download these from the website (click here). If you have any problems, contact the press office and we will email you copies of the images you'd like as jpeg files.

08. Which celebrities are supporting the campaign?

We are pleased to announce that Dame Judi Dench, Annette Crosbie and Graham Norton are supporting the campaign.

09. How can I get the latest information on the campaign?

The easiest way is to keep checking the website for latest news or contact the press office.

10. When does the next campaign begin?

If you are planning to run a story including Will Aid, we ask that you publish it before the end of October so that any readers wishing to contact Will Aid and locate a participating solicitor have time to do so before the Will making month. 

Participating solicitors will write basic Wills under the scheme during November. (Some also extend this period). Will makers are advised to contact a participating solicitor well before November to be sure of an appointment.  We aim to have a Will Aid solicitor within easy travelling distance of all prospective Will makers.