Will Aid

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As well as being endorsed by the Probate Section of the Law Society, Will Aid is proud to enjoy the support of three of Britain’s most-loved celebrities.

"When someone you love dies, you are in turmoil. It is difficult to cope with grief, let alone financial insecurity. This is why it is so important for every adult to have a proper, up-to-date will. This is the best gift you can leave for those you love. And if you choose to make your will with a Will Aid solicitor you will also be leaving a loving gift to the thousands of children, families and communities around the world helped by the Will Aid charities. "
Dame Judi Dench
"Will Aid offers us the opportunity to achieve so much just from writing or up-dating our will. We can provide for our nearest and dearest, knowing that our donation to Will Aid will help transform the lives of thousands more people all over the world. And as if this weren’t enough, we can also choose to leave a legacy to our favourite charity so that their good work can continue for years to come."
Annette Crosbie, OBE
"The only way to ensure that the people you love are provided for when you die is to have a proper Will. Living together, even for a long time, gives you no inheritance rights and if one partner dies without a Will, the other may be left with nothing - not even the shared home. Even married couples, or those entering Civil Partnerships are vulnerable, since if there is no Will, the surviving partner may only inherit a proportion of the estate. So don’t leave your loved ones in the lurch. Make your Will with Will Aid and you’ll be protecting your loved ones and helping to transform the lives of thousands of people who depend on the Will Aid charities."
Graham Norton