Will Aid


John Challicom/NSPCC

Will Aid is an annual fundraising campaign involving nine of the UK’s leading charities. With the support of solicitors who donate their skills, we encourage people to have their Will drawn up by a qualified professional solicitor whilst at the same time supporting charity.  To see Will Aid press releases, please follow this link.

What has Will Aid achieved?

Since 1988, Will Aid has enabled the legal profession to raise over £17 million for good causes. The Will Aid charities all work with the most vulnerable people in the UK and around the world, so that sum of money will have improved countless lives.  You can find out more about the great work the Will Aid charities do by following this link.

Over those years, Will Aid has encouraged and helped more than 275,000 people to make their Wills.  By writing their Wills, these people may have spared their family the distress of coping with legal complications as well as losing a loved one.

How Will Aid works  

Participating solicitors draw up a basic Will for clients without charging their usual fee.  Instead, they invite their clients to make a voluntary donation to Will Aid.  The suggested donation level is £95 for a basic single Will or £150 for basic mirror Wills.  Donations are then shared amongst the nine Will Aid charities to help people in need in the UK and around the world.

Information and help for Journalists

Many of our solicitors are happy to provide quotes and advice to journalists. Please contact the press office to discuss your requirements. (Call 0751 970 0888)

Our solicitors have also written a series of articles about Wills and inheritance issues. These can be accessed here.

Will Aid worked for me

"We really appreciate being involved with Will Aid – it is a skilfully run campaign, and it has been excellent for our business. As a business owner I can really see the long term benefits of doing something like Will Aid. We raise money for charity but make new contacts that last"

- Jeremy Cuff, Cuff and Gough, Surrey

Will Aid worked for me

"A Will is one of those things that you only actually need when it’s too late to do anything about it. It seems daft to continue to put it off. Dealing with death is bad enough without the administrative nightmare of someone not having their estate in order. Making a Will through the Will Aid scheme was very seamless, smooth and easy."

- Dave Jones